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Who we are

We're an experienced team of business professionals who believe the existing method of training and education has failed. We have a new method.

The problem

The standard method of training - reading books, sitting in classes - has produced very limited results. We learn and grow through experience, by experimenting and making mistakes yet the workplace offers little opportunity for a risk-free practice. What’s the alternative?

The Solution

Prior to the introduction of the flight simulator, pilots had the body of knowledge but no opportunity to safely practice applying that knowledge. Imagine a similar improvement made possible in manufacturing, product development, hospitals or other business environments.

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Mr. Evan Weiner

Chief Operating Officer - EDW. C, LEVY CO.

Mr. John Guydan

Executive Vice President - EDW. C, Levy Co.

Members of NCMS

National Center For Manufacturing Science

How It Works ...

Pendaran delivers results by accelerating the experience and capabilities of your company’s most critical asset – your people. Using simulator technology and "live fire" drills, we have created a cross between business school and boot camp to accelerate experience and improve and sustain results.

Class Learning:

Pendaran’s professional instructors lead dialogue on issues critical to operations transformation.

Virtual Workplace:

The team runs the simulated operation and is expected to deliver results. Planned interventions are carefully choreographed to simulate dynamic disruptions common to team and operation performance.


Results are immediately debriefed. Participants defend decisions and actions taken in the simulator.

Improvement Planning

Working without an instructor, participants take debrief feedback and make specific plans to improve performance during the next work simulator session.

Pendaran Method
  • "There has never been, in the 90 year history that we’ve had, an organization that’s helped us progress more than Pendaran."

    - Mr. Evan Weiner, Chief Operating Officer, Edw. C. Levy Co., Detroit Michigan
  • "As a result of Pendaran, our people stopped fighting fires and started preventing problems. Instead of blame and excuses, they worked across all departments to bring solutions. The improvements in quality, cost, and morale were impressive."

    - Mr. Dan DiSebastian, Former Vice President, Meridian Die Casting
  • "... the Virtual Workplace gave me that ability to simulate a production environment with my artisans, my supervisors and my managers to bring home to them the pillars of safety, quality, schedule and cost, in that order. We’ve driven down our OSHA reportable accidents ...We’ve driven down our lost work days ... so the initial results are paying off."

    - Col. Mitchell Bauman, Commanding Officer, FRC - East

Latest news

The job market’s most sought-after skills can be tough to spot on a resume.
Companies across the U.S. say it is becoming increasingly difficult to find applicants who can communicate clearly, take initiative, problem-solve and get along with co-workers.
Those traits, often called soft skills, can make the difference between a standout employee and one who just gets by.
While such skills have always appealed to employers, decades-long shifts in the economy have made them especially crucial now. Companies have automated or outsourced many routine tasks, and the jobs that remain often require workers to take on broader responsibilities that demand critical thinking, empathy or other abilities that computers can’t easily simulate.
As the labor market tightens, competition has heated up for workers with the right mix of soft skills, which vary by industry and across the pay spectrum—from making small talk with a customer at the checkout counter, to coordinating a project across several departments on a tight deadline.
In pursuit of the ideal employee, companies are investing more time and capital in teasing out job applicants’ personality quirks, sometimes hiring consultants to develop tests or other screening methods, and beefing up training programs to develop a pipeline of candidates.

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"...but training must work. We spend millions on it every year!"
Over the years, the answer to many operations challenges and failures has become "training". Trusting conventional wisdom, operations managers, HR managers, and execs at all levels turn to training as the panacea. Dr. Hossein Nivi, CEO and co-founder of Pendaran, Inc. has taken an irreverent approach to corporations' natural tendency to turn to training as the magic wand.

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One job-training program has an innovative new approach: Toss employees into the fire to keep them from getting burned.
Michigan-based consulting firm Pendaran has taken the "trial and error" approach to a whole new level with its employee-training program.
The company specializes in virtual workplace simulations, which toss employees into chaos-ridden scenarios constructed to test--and hopefully improve--their problem-solving abilities. Upon arrival at a seemingly-normal conference center, Businessweek reported:
The participants are told that they work at a golf cart factory. The laptops have special software designed by Pendaran that breaks the golf cart assembly into different tasks. Some people have to take parts from the forklift and scan them into the system, while others have to use their mouse to drag wheels onto the cart. It all sounds simple enough, but the workers must follow very precise procedures at each step along the way-;both on and off the computer. For example, they must don protective goggles and uniforms and request forms for certain operations and remember to ring the bell on the forklift, which is actually a child’s toy vacuum, when moving around.
The course is filled with fictional characters like the angry foreman Mad Max, who shouts whenever mistakes are made, and the irritatingly beaurocratic Alice the Opperator, who controls an endless surplus of hyper-specific forms for different factory operations.
This panic-inducing simulation was created by Pendaran co-founders Hossein Nivi and Carol Michaelides as way to train employees to react well under pressure in real-life situations.
“I’ve been through lean manufacturing and Six Sigma courses and all that,” one participant told Businessweek. “That stuff is easy and fleeting. To really learn, you have to be in the pressure cooker and feel the emotion and have these approaches become natural behavior. This is how companies truly transform.”
And it appears to create tangible results. The environmental engineering firm Edw. C. Levy Co. has seen a 60 to 70 percent safety improvement among teams it sent through Pendaran's wringer, Businessweek reports.
Perhaps you should consider a little tough love toward your trainees as well. But be warned: It's not unheard of for participants to quit their jobs after three days in Pendaran's hell-hole.


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