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Pendaran delivers results by accelerating
the experience and capabilities of your company’s most critical asset – your people. Using simulator technology and “live fire” drills, we have created a cross between business school and boot camp to accelerate experience and improve and sustain results.

Pendaran, Inc. classes qualify for CEUs.
Come inside and see what has leading corporations and national organizations, including the US Department of Defense,
so excited about our unique and
powerful approach.

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January 12 ~ 16, 2015
Ann Arbor, Michigan
February 2 ~ 6, 2015
San Diego, California
February 9 ~ 13, 2015
San Diego, California

The Problem The Solution

The standard method of training - reading books, sitting in classes - has produced very limited results. We learn and grow through experience, by experimenting and making mistakes yet the workplace offers little opportunity for a risk-free practice. What’s the alternative?
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Prior to the introduction of the flight simulator, pilots had the body of knowledge but no opportunity to safely practice applying that knowledge. Imagine a similar improvement made possible in manufacturing, product development, hospitals or other business environments.
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Pendaran is an approved federal government vendor.
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